Lower the TCO of Enterprise Conversational AI Solutions

The Costs & Complexity of DIY versus Platform

Creating chatbot solutions sometimes starts with enterprise developers taking a common NLP toolkit and coding. But the NLP is just the tip of the iceberg and a fraction of the cost & complexity equation. There are at least 7 other components to consider:

  • What about security and integration to business systems?
  • How can you train and manage these solutions cost-effectively?
  • What about business enablement and analytics?
  • Do you need to rely too much on AI scientists and enterprise developers?

As the costs associated with building and maintaining more advanced bot solutions skyrockets, enterprise leaders need to examine the DIY versus Buy decision and how a platform approach could dramatically reduce TCO.

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Jen Doyle

"The bank account change bot won’t let the customer progress to the next stage until they’ve provided all required documents. Visually, it’s much easier and it lives up to our model of modern customer service.”


Jennifer Doyle
Head of Digital Platforms, BOIPA/EVO
justin sebok

“We were able to automate 60% of answers to questions in front of our live chat functionality, resulting in a lower percentage of queries needing to be handled by live agents.”

Justin Sebok
Senior Product Manager, WorldRemit
Harriet Headshot

“We really liked the fact that ServisBOT’s platform could be used to create a single bot to serve all of our brands, across all channels, removing the burden of managing multiple bots.”

Harriett Grant
Head of People and Service, Intouch Games