Thinking  about Building Bots for Employee Experience?

As chatbots become smarter and more universal, it's time that HR take a serious look at their potential and how they will centrally coordinate these bots together for an impressive employee experience (Hint: deploying bots in silos is not the answer.)

From Benefits to PTO, Onboarding to Recruiting and FAQs to IT Help Desk, chatbots can fundamentally streamline the way employees engage with your business and free up HR to focus on people management.

Take some time to check out this webinar hosted by industry thought leaders and learn firsthand how chatbots can rock your employee universe, for example:

  • What is a chatbot for business and what are its characteristics?
  • The Rise of Conversational Interfaces and what it means to HR.
  • How to engage employees across their lifecycle with your business and offer more self-service opportunities.
  • 5 HR Bots for Business.
  • Building, Deploying and Maintaining the Bots. 
  • Measuring Bot Success.