Conversational AI Journey Guide


The decision to adopt a chatbot, to expand its capability, or to scale chatbots across different use cases needs careful consideration as part of the overarching digital business strategy.

Gathering perspectives based on our many experiences deploying chatbots for customers, this guide highlights a number of valuable considerations, for those embarking on chatbot #1 or for those expanding conversational capabilities across the business.

Highlights include:

  • Mapping your chatbot maturity stage
  • Checklist for identifying bot use cases across the customer lifecycle
  • Sample business goals for specific bot use cases
  • Tech assessment and conversational readiness
  • Testing and optimizing bots
  • Bot orchestration and collaboration

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Jen Doyle

"The bank account change bot won’t let the customer progress to the next stage until they’ve provided all required documents. Visually, it’s much easier and it lives up to our model of modern customer service.”


Jennifer Doyle
Head of Digital Platforms, BOIPA/EVO
justin sebok

“We were able to automate 60% of answers to questions in front of our live chat functionality, resulting in a lower percentage of queries needing to be handled by live agents.”

Justin Sebok
Senior Product Manager, WorldRemit
Harriet Headshot

“We really liked the fact that ServisBOT’s platform could be used to create a single bot to serve all of our brands, across all channels, removing the burden of managing multiple bots.”

Harriett Grant
Head of People and Service, Intouch Games