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“I proactively win back and retain hard-to-reach customers by engaging in personalized and interactive conversations that deliver persuasive offers and convince your customers to stay or come back.”


WinBackBOT, along with bots like RenewalBOT and LoyaltyBOT, can play a critical role as part of a retention strategy, to engage customers who have already left, are nearing the end of a contract or at-risk of making a change.

The Challenge

You’ve just received notice a customer is leaving for another vendor and you have a short window to incentivize them to stay...

In today’s digital age, traditional channels like cold calling, batch email and snail mail simply don’t cut it.

How can you proactively reach and engage the customer with a personalized offer and save them before time is up?


Where there’s a WinBackBOT, there’s a way. Using interactive messaging channels, the AI-powered WinBackBOT can initiate perfectly timed conversations with customers who have left, and tee up personalized incentives to entice them to re-up their contracts.

The Outcome

Increase conversion rate of churned customers and deliver other benefits, including:

  • Reduce customer outreach costs, freeing up resources to provide better incentives for win back.
  • Improve customer satisfaction with interactive and personalized conversations and a clear path to completion.
  • Increase customer reach and engagement by delivering timely messages with high open rates.
  • Boost ability to re-capture lost customers with automation that deploys WinBackBOT the moment you know a customer is leaving.

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There’s Strength in Numbers

Delivering market-dominating service is far easier with an army behind you. What makes ServisBOT different is the Army of Bots we deploy on your behalf to deliver great customer experiences. Like any army, our Bots are skilled workers that leverage automation to perform different roles and functions, on the front lines, or in the background.

Characteristics of
a ServisBOT

  • love-bot
  • Social: Our bots don’t just talk and work amongst themselves – they integrate with third party applications like CRM and happily work alongside bots from Google & Amazon to ensure the best possible AI outcome.
  • smart-bot
  • Intelligent: Leveraging embedded AI, our bots can navigate complex journeys and conversations with multiple outcomes, and respond to customer queries along the way.
  • efficient-bot
  • Efficient: Requiring no capital investment our bots built on serverless technologies, are highly efficient at executing tasks and stand down after completing a given assignment.
  • flexible-bot
  • Flexible: Our bots can support transaction types and interactions deployed across a wide variety of front-end and back-end processes and stakeholder agreements.
  • agile-bot
  • Agile: Once deployed our bots can adjust behavior and responses to real-time market and operational challenges.

Our army is always growing. We make it easy for you to develop and deploy new bots in a matter of hours that meet the specific needs of your business.

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